Hyderabadi Sherwani
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  • July13th

    The classic Black Hyderabadi Sherwani is a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. Be it a wedding, a ghazal nite, a television appearance or a small get-together – the classic black Hyderabadi Sherwani is a sophisticated and a debonair choice for a gentleman.

    Nothing beats the elegance of the Black worsted fabric well-fitted across the neck and shoulder blades and around the chest, teamed with a white pyjama or a churidar. You can either wear it simple or accessorize the sherwani with studded buttons, jewellery, pagdi, bazu-bandh to make it a wedding-wear. A hint of zardozi embroidery can also make it a premium groom’s-wear sherwani.

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  • August22nd

    Think of a Sherwani and the images that will fill your imagination will not be of models wearing embellished wedding sherwanis but of towering personalities like Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, Mohammed Ali Jinnah and Nizam of Hyderabad who have epitomized the Sherwani. The way the Sherwani collar fitted around the neck, rested on the shoulder blades and clung to the chest to elegantly fall across the body like a long over-coat, made it a power-dress – a formal attire for statesmen of the country.

    Pandit Nehru, Mohd. Ali Jinnah and Nizam of Hyderabad in Sherwani

    The traditional Sherwani was usually made of Worsted wool, the preferred fabric for British frock coats and two-piece suits. It was simple in design, fitted across the shoulders and chest and flared around the hip for comfortable seating. The most prominent feature of the Sherwani is its collar – also known as the Mandarin collar, Band collar, stand-up collar or Bandh gala. Sherwani’s unmatched style made it an ensemble for all occasions. The North Indians wear it with a fitted churidar pyjama, the Pakistanis wear it with a lose fitted shalwar and the Hyderabadis wear it with a Khada pyjama. No matter what the Sherwani is teamed with, the style remains class apart.

    Hyderabadi Sherwani

    Hyderabadi Sherwani sported by the Nizam of Hyderabad

    Colors black, grey, brown and charcoal blue in worsted fabrics could be formal Sherwanis worn to work or formal gatherings. While colors like White, beige, off-white, creme and gold in brocades and silks could be semi-formal or wedding wear Sherwanis for the groom. Formal sherwanis have self-colored, plastic sew-through buttons while wedding wear sherwanis can have gold or stone encrusted buttons to add grandeur as per the occasion.

    Hyderabadi Wedding Sherwani adorned by Ashrafi Buttons

    Despite markets being flooded with ready-to-wear heavily embroidered wedding sherwanis, true Hyderabadi connoisseurs, who take pride in their culture, know that the charm and elegance of the simple, plain and custom-tailored, classy Hyderabadi sherwani with the traditional bandh-gala will never go out of fashion – come what may.

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